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Pegatha is a leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of deck railing and accessories.  Our products bring innovation, durability, low maintenance and of course quality to your deck.  We provide the variety needed to design the deck of your dreams and make your outdoor living space a get-away in your own back yard.

You might have noticed that we are discontinuing our original Pegatha line of railing, but not to worry, we have replaced it with 2 more modern lines.  Our Pegatha PLUS line brings a more elegant contour with a top rail, measuring at 2-3/4” and our Pegatha Contemporary line has a narrower top rail, measuring at 1-1/2”.  Both of these new lines no longer have exposed fasteners, instead they are enclosed within a new 2-piece bracket system.  This 2-piece bracket system consists of a saddle, which is attached to the Post, and then a top cap to complete the bracket.  This also allows for much easier installation of the rails, as you can now attach the bracket saddle first and then simply drop the rail assembly right into it, and then snap the bracket cap in place, locking in the rail.

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